How to Avoid Holiday Appliance Breakdown Blues

There is hardly any time that an appliance breakdown is convenient, but the holidays seem to be the worst time for this to happen. You normally have a house filled with guests and the last thing you need is to stress about appliance repairs. There are a few factors you can use to determine if a preemptive service call might be the better way to handle the appliances if you feel there might be an impending problem.

What is the overall age of your appliances?

Age has everything to do with the dependability of your home appliances. You can expect more frequent and serious breakdowns the more they age. There is no more perfect time to quit altogether than during the rigors of the holiday season when they are being taxed beyond normal use.

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Take Note of Funny Noises

Odd noises with microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and trash compactors can be a clue that a disaster is about to unfold. Take note of these noises and consult an appliance specialist about possible service needs. You might be able to catch the problem before it gets worse, or causes appliance failure.

Is Your Oven Temperature Correct?

Are things burning in your oven, or do you notice strange hot spots that create uneven cooking? You may need to have the thermostat replaced, or the heating element in cases of electric ovens. You want to know that holiday meals are being cooked using dependable, uniform heat to avoid anyone becoming ill from undercooked foods.

Is the refrigerator keeping things properly cooled?

You can nearly immediately tell if the bottom part of a refrigerator is properly cooling. Items like milk and canned soda will feel less and less cool to the touch. A freezer may not be as easy to tell unless the appliance simply quits working altogether. Frozen items that begin to feel soft in spots are an indication that the temperature is rising. There may be a problem with the thermostat.

Is the washing machine getting clothes clean and dryer getting clothes dry?

When the washing machine seems to do a lousy job in getting clothes clean and the dryer takes longer and longer to get the clothes done, it may be time to have them serviced. Dryers also work like an oven and require a good sensor and thermostat to maintain heat. The washing machine might need a little work on the agitator. It is best to have them working great before the holiday crowds arrive.

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