Emergency Roof Repair: How to repair a Leaky Roof

If the roof of your house is made of asphalt shingles and it is leaking, you can simply employ yourself to repair it. Despite having several instructions over the Internet, many people still find it difficult to find the legitimate ones. This article aims at providing credible instructions to you so that you do not harm yourself while repairing your leaky roof.

It is quite hard to find the source of a leaky roof since the source of origin of leakage is away from the place it shows this is why emergency roof repair expert is needed. You just have to think how water would flow while locating the source of leakage. Typically, water enters through broken, missing, and worn shingles; loosened nails; or poorly sealed or corroded roof flashing around skylights, vents, and chimneys.

You must inspect your roof during daytime. Reach your attic and carry a bright flashlight. Be careful while stepping on secure framings; do not step on the topside or insulation of the ceiling- you will not find support on any of them. Begin looking for leakage right above the place where you last saw it and go uproof. After you find the source of leakage, you can follow the steps given below:

Repair the asphalt shingles

If you maintain your asphalt shingles on the roof, they usually last for 15- 20 years. If you find broken or torn shingles in the roof, you can repair them with the following material: prybar, asphalt shingle, hammer, roofing adhesive, roofing nails.

Lift the damaged shingle upwards from your roof and then pull out its nails. Remove the broken shingle completely. You can use the pry bar in order to lift the flap above the broken area. Cut out the appropriate length of the shingle and slide it right where you removed the shingle from. Use the roofing nails in order to fasten your shingles. You can also apply adhesive on the nail head and then press it in place.

Roof Repair

Fixing other roofing systems

  • The laminated shingles are usually thicker than regular asphalt shingles and you may need to use longer staples or nails to fasten them safely in place.
  • The wood shake roofing may last for nearly three decades before it requires replacement, but it may be broken or damaged through shrinking or warping. The repairing method of this kind of roof is similar to that of asphalt roofing system.

Repair leakage in flashing

If the flashing is poorly installed or has not been successfully installed, leakage is bound to occur. You can use the repair mentioned below if the lead flashing is directed into the wall. You can also use lead wedges in place of clips. You will need the following things: dusting brush, flashing clips, screwdriver, sealant dispenser, and lead sealant. Dust off the debris from joints and remove the old sealant or mortar. You need to use the tip of the screwdriver to thrust the flashing clips into joints to clutch the lead in place. Now run a constant bead of sealant down the length of joint.