Basement Flooding In Toronto: Know The Prevention Tips!

Any flooded basement stands a high risk of developing moulds.  And the only sure way to prevent it is by eliminating the conditions necessary for its growth. Moisture and time are the two essential elements for mould growth. That means the water needs to be carefully extracted from your basement as soon as the flood occurs.

In the event of basement flooding in Toronto, especially in Toronto, consider the following tips to help reduce the severity of water damage:

  • Check if your gutters are working properly

Checking if your gutters are working may look simple, but just ensure that your gutters take all the water that’s rolling off the roof and that it’s deposited far away from the foundation of your house, which can significantly help in keeping your basement dry.

  • Install sump pumps with alternate power sources

Installing a sump pump can be a lifesaver especially if you have a complete basement. Ensure that you incorporate a generator to serve as a complimentary source of power in case the supply of electricity to your home shuts off.

  • Fix All Foundation Cracks

Although concrete foundations are often compact, they may sometimes allow water to penetrate through them.  Foundation crack repair services are readily available in Toronto and can provide robust protection against basement flooding.

  • Repair any cracks in the basement walls

Concrete walls are often subjected to intense pressure, and with additional hydrostatic pressure and ground water, finally water can penetrate a sound wall. With cracks, the likelihood of experiencing leakages goes even higher. Get yourself a repair kit and seal any cracks today!

  • Consider French drains

French drains can be a cheap way to remove groundwater from your basement walls. Floods are chaotic, and you don’t want to encounter such a terrifying experience. That’s why our basement flooding experts in Toronto are available to help you get your flooded basement dry again.

Royal York and Bloor area of the city has been without regular power since the storm and flood on Monday.

  • Act swiftly to curb basement flooding!

Basement floods present the ideal opportunity for already existent black mould spores to start growing and attacking your home. Basement floods are naturally vulnerable to dampness, so just liberal amounts of excess moisture can worsen things when it comes to moulds. Immediately you notice such a scenario, act quickly and get a reputable company to help fix the problem. The longer the water remains in your basement, the more severe the situation becomes. Delaying your response may lead to:

  • Relentless damages to structure of your basement ( collapsing or picture walls caving in)
  • Black mould damage

Does your insurance cover black mould removal?

It’s crucial to understand that most insurance companies don’t cover black mould removal should you delay to report the occurrence of basement flooding. Most homeowners get shocked when they learn they’re going to adequately cater for any professional remediation services that may be needed! Therefore, you should know the terms of your insurance company before entering into business with the.

Lemarg is your basement flooding in Toronto saver

Since we value our customers, we are willing to guide you in choosing the best insurance company for such cases. We also offer comprehensive basement cleanup services deliberated to adequately mitigate any losses and quickly restore your basement according to the stringiest industry standards. Do you know that whenever your basement sits soaked it’s causing more damage and exposing you to black mould? A quick response is essential; therefore if you’re experiencing basement flooding, contact us now for a free quote!