Some Interesting Facts of E-cigarettes

Do you want to know anything about e-cigarettes?

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E-cigarettes generally contain nicotine and might have other hazardous substances as well. But, the fact is that many conflicts are revolved around these devices. Many things are yet to research about E-cigarettes.

The e-cigs are known as various names. And they are often referred to as e-cigs, tank systems, vape pens, vapes, mods, or e-hookahs. Nonetheless, these devices have come in a lot of various sizes and shapes- some of them look like a regular cigarette, but some of them look very different. Many things are there to discuss e-cigarettes. Some of them are true, but some others are myths.

You might have heard about stories or ads on the internet that conclude e-cigs are not harmful or they are a good way to assist smokers to quit smoking. Nevertheless, doctors plus researchers still have many things to know about the health impacts of e-cigarettes. Maybe e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes- it doesn’t signify that they are harmless.

A Basic Introduction of E-cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are actually battery-operated devices that perform their work by heating a specific liquid into an aerosol, and the users of such devices inhale and exhale the aerosol. Basically, the e-cigarette liquid comprises propylene glycol, flavorings, nicotine, glycerin, and many other chemicals.

Nicotine is actually the addictive drug that has been found in regular cigarettes as well as other tobacco products. According to research, e-cigarette aerosol often comprises of substances that can be hazardous, such as flavoring chemicals (including diacetyl that is associated with lung disease), metals including lead), and various cancer-causing chemicals.

Companies that manufacture and sell e-cigs need to comply with the particular Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. For instance, only people of age 18 and over are permitted to purchase e-cigarettes.

Actually, researchers are providing their hard work to collect more and more information regarding electronic cigarettes and their utilization process. This information might result in additional regulations, and it could be useful to make the public aware of what is there in these devices are what potential health risks are associated with their usage.

In comparison with regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are there on the market since a short span- around 11 years. Scientists have been studying these devices to understand how their utilization affects the health of people. These devices basically comprise of nicotine, and this element actually makes tobacco products addictive. You need to be very careful that some e-cigarettes- claiming to be nicotine-free- are found to contain nicotine.

E-cigarettes are hazardous for youth, pregnant women, and young adults. The nicotine found in e-cigarettes is hazardous for the development of babies, and it can result in addiction plus harm brain development in kids and young adults in the age of early 20s.

Albeit many things are to learn about electronic cigarettes, but pieces of evidence are clearly indicating that the hazardous health effects of using these devices and teens as well as young adults shouldn’t use them.