5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Curtain And Drape For Your Home

Home decorating is a fun experience every homeowner must try. Although, it is very tempting to hire an interior designer to do the decorating inside the house. There are simple stuff a homeowner can do even if he or she has no background with any interior designing. One of the simplest things is choosing the right curtains and drapes for your home window. Although as simple as it sounds, it can be tricky too. So, we will give you some tips on what are the things you should be checking when you purchase a new set of curtains and drapes for your home.  

5 Checklist Before You Buy A New Set of Curtains and Drapes

Materials and Quality

Of course, when you buy a new set of curtains and drapes, the quality must not be compromised. Do not settle for less just because something is cheaper but low in quality. Always buy the best thing and consider the durability as the curtains and drapes will be sitting in your window for more than a week. You must also check the materials used. Inspect the fabric especially if you are shopping for a particular season like for example for winter, check if the fabric will decrease the cold temperature.

Color and Design

Check your walls, furniture, and flooring then see what color and design will be suitable for your home. You cannot just merely shop for a new set of curtains and drapes on a random color and design just because they look lovely. You should consider if the curtains and drapes will bring a nice contrast to the interior and if will uplift the mood of the home. Window treatments are a great addition to your house because, at some point, it can uplift the warmness and coldness of the home, so as a beautiful accent to the window.

Custom or Ready Made

Check your window if you can buy ready made curtains and drapes or you can opt for a custom made. It is up to you depending on your budget. Custom made are much pricey, but it is a unique piece that you can rarely found in other homes. Although with ready-made, you can customize how you used it and even mixed with some different set of curtains and drapes, make sure the design fits.

Length and Width

Of course, you cannot just buy a new set without measuring your window. Always obtain a window treatment that is larger than the actual size of your window for full coverage.

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Machine Wash or Dry Clean

Washing the curtains and drapes is very delicate especially if there are beads and sequences along it. Make sure to read the washing instruction first and consider how you can wash them. Some curtains are not suitable for machine wash or dry cleaners, and you should be cleaning through your bare hands so make sure to check the label first.

These are just some of the tips that will help you decide on what to purchase. Check out new deals of drapes Houston, don’t forget our checklist for your purchase.