The Relevance of Home Security Technology

In Australia, there are 225,900 burglary cases recorded in every three minutes. Data also shows that each household has encountered burglary and break-in at some point. In general, the number of recorded cases for unlawful entry and its resulting property damage has steadily been increasing in the past years.

Without proper security measures implemented in the home, burglars will target the same houses time and again once they realise how easily penetrable it is.

Simple Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglary and Break-ins

To keep your home safe from criminals, here are some measures you can undertake:

  1. Equip all possible entryways with quality locks and barriers

A study from Springer pointed out that even the customary installation of double locks and security alarms give enough security.

A great majority of break-in cases resulted in damaged door locks and windows. More than the fact those windows and other entrances are easily broken into; homeowners forget to prioritise installing quality security screens in Brisbane.

Install safety or security screens as protection for your doors and windows. Prioritise the front and back doors as well as kitchen and balcony windows. Choose materials that is durable enough.

Unless you’re living in a gated community, limit the number of sliding doors in your house. Moreover, limit the number of sliding windows in your home too. Fortify your windows by installing security barriers. Whilst steel bar grills can obstruct your outside view, they are difficult to remove.

Experts also advise putting on automated aluminium shutters on your windows that can be controlled once connected to the electrical wiring of your home.

  1. Opt for security alarms and intercom

Make sure to install devices such as safety alarms and sensors that will inform you of suspicious activities in your home, especially at night. There are WiFi-enabled security cameras you can install by the front gate and other outdoor areas. Connect this with a mobile application that lets you watch your property 24/7 on any of your devices such as phone, tablet or laptop.

Put up an intercom with blinking LED on the main entrance of your property. The mere sight of this device discourages intruders from carrying out their evil plans. Instruct your visitors to use the intercom.

For additional safety, you can use indoor and outdoor window and door sensors. These devices blink and beep once an intruder or any suspicious motion is detected.

  1. Invest in automated devices

The beauty of advanced technology lies in its capacity to integrate security into the existing electrical systems in your home. You can easily operate the alarms, sensors and locks once all devices are connected to the main control panel. Just ask the help of security alarms specialists in Brisbane to install the devices for you.

AuthorCarrie Sze