Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Living Area

It seems like an impossible task to keep your home cool when it’s really hot outside or when there’s no air at all coming inside. One has to be clever enough in planning and investing some really good ideas in maintaining a balanced air flow to avoid suffocation and exhaustion. Decks, patios or outdoor areas are normally kept for relaxation and comfort.

Being indoors by planning an outdoor area efficiently is helpful, functional and good for the overall wellbeing since you get to connect with the nature. However one drawback or say a challenging task would be to keep the outdoor living space cooler in hot season. But beating the heat is not a tough job if we apply or try to find certain solutions to the challenges well in advance while renovating a house or building a new one. You can even make temporary adjustments later on to the already built area.

Constructing a House

When one decides to build a home, one must think of the direction in which the outdoor area has to be constructed. A south facing outdoor area will have less heat effect during the summer whereas a West facing will have direct sun peeping into the house. Though the one built facing the South will have to overcome winter season with more coolness. Seasonal factors like direction of the wind, rainfall, average temperatures are extremely important to be considered.

Comfortable Furniture

Cotton cushion covers, shady colors and a wooden furniture is a must as iron furniture are tend to get hotter really fast thus making the area uncomfortable and more tiring. If one already has iron furniture then it should be covered with soft cotton spongy stuffs i.e. cushions and other materials to avoid heat to get direct contact with the metal. If one is thinking of purchasing a furniture for outside area its highly recommended to get wicker, wooden or plastic ones to help sun rays reflect and keep them cool.


It’s very important to build a shade over the outdoor area as shadow keeps the area cooler than the area under sun by 5 to 8 degrees. Shades with different materials are readily available everywhere. Building a roof to the outdoor living area is a form of shading. Umbrellas and awnings provide instant shade from scorching noon heat.

Planting Trees

Planting more trees outside a house or surrounding the patio or pitch with small bushes will keep the surrounding area cool. It is the easiest and cost effective option to beat back the heat. Planting trees like oak trees is one of the best ideas however if one is short of time and ants immediate big trees they can get it from nursery which are already grown up. Not only it is useful for environment but also with the right planning it adds beauty and grace to the house. As long as proper care of planted trees and plants is taken they are permanent solution to the challenge. Water vapors released by the trees and plants are beneficial in cooling the atmosphere around.

Exterior Blinds

Investing in high tech blinds is one of the methods to keep outside heat away. Blinds come in various forms exterior blinds, solar shades, weatherproof blinds etc. They are used outside of the house generally to control the intensity of temperature and heat entering the house. Sun patterns need to be evaluated to make use of blinds efficiently. The effect of heat is considerably reduced giving ease to maintain and provide better cool life. However nowadays outdoor blinds are prepared in such a way that they help keep the temperature cool in summer and warmer in winter.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide a cheap and energy-efficient way to keep everything around cool and clear the stuffiness. Installing an outdoor ceiling fan helps to replace the hot air with relaxing cool breeze. There are a variety of fans that are best suited and designed for exterior regions. They are made keeping in mind the harsh effects of nature directly falling on the equipment to prevent motor damage. Most of the ceiling fans nowadays are designed for dual use – in summer as well as in winter. The counterclockwise movement of the blades is beneficial in summer as it creates a downward airflow.

Cooling Systems, Water Features and Water Misting Systems

Portable evaporative coolers are one of the ways when shades and blinds fail to keep the heat at bay. Patios garages greenhouses and other work areas can be cooked efficiently with the help of portable evaporative coolers. They don’t work like a ceiling fan by just moving the hot and cool air instead advanced technology is used in making such equipment. Water misting systems is another option that adds fun to the kids and pets as the smaller droplets of water gives a pleasant feeling, thus creating cooling outdoor mist. Water sprinklers used for watering trees and plants is another way to keep the surrounding cool as well as help use water economically. Water features like miniature fountain or outdoor showers cools instantly with few splashes of water.

Proper Flooring

Floors tend to get heated up quicker than usual. Hence to enable oneself to walk barefoot and without many efforts it’s important to build a shade or spread out cotton rugs on the floors to avoid heating of the floors. Good color rugs brighten the room in summery season and also help in keeping diet and sand away from getting inside.

Controlling the Sources of Heat

Avoid keeping heating equipment or heat generating equipment like barbeque, outdoor mini refrigerator, and grilling equipment in outdoor areas to prevent the area from getting hotter. Normally grilling is the favorite summer activity that people enjoy with their family and friends usually done outside in a patio or porch. Try performing such activities away from the house where people meet or sit.