Saving Money During a Move

There are many reasons why people move into a new home. They might need extra space for a new baby. A person may want to take a new job in a new place far from home. Someone might need to move in order to help out a parent or perhaps be closer to their family and friends. If you are thinking about moving, bear in mind that moving is a highly involved process that can cost both time money. You will have to pay for many types of things to help you move and keep the items you buy in great shape during the move. This can include packing supplies, hiring movers and renting a temporary storage space where you can store any extra belongings. All of these costs can add up. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize your moving costs and make the move flow more easily at the same time.

Reducing Your Stuff

A mover such as North American Van Lines needs to move your things. You want to reduce the items they need to move. To that end, it helps to go through your belongings very carefully the second you decide it’s time to move. You should think about what you really want to bring with you. Now is the time to head to the attic, your closets and all other spaces in your home and have a good look. This is a great opportunity to rid yourself of all the clutter in your life and move forward. Anything that broken should either be fixed or thrown out entirely. The rocking chair that won’t rock or the moldy old cushions can be put in the garbage pail. You may have items you’re not using but still remain in good condition. In that case, now is the time to consider how best to dispose of them. Many churches and other houses of worship run rummage sales. They’ll happily take that vase your sister got you but you’ve never liked. You can get a tax write off and do some good for others at the same time. Now is the perfect time to think about redecorating your new space by leaving behind the old look.

Careful Packing

Another way to save money during your move is by carefully packing all of your things. For example, items that are soft such as duvets can be used to shield delicate items such as china and glass and create tighter boxes. You can also use clothing and other items to help line your moving boxes. This will protect your goods during transit. Packing each box lightly is also useful. Avoid overloading boxes with too many things. Overloaded boxes are likely to break. This can damage your items. It can also make it hard on your movers as such boxes are hard to lift and harder to move in and out of the moving truck. This can also delay the move. Make sure you have enough packing supplies on hand before moving day starts. This way, you won’t have to scramble to find last-minute supplies or worry that something you love is going to break. You want everything all boxed up and ready to go the second your movers arrive.

Do Parts of It Yourself

If you’re moving lots of things from one place to the next, you can do parts of it yourself. In addition to packing, you can also hire a moving van and put stuff in there on the day of the move along with the official moving van. Hiring a van for an hour or is not that expensive. If you’ve done lots of favors for friends and family, now is the time to cash them in. Contact everyone. Let them know you need their help. For the price of a pizza, many people are glad to lend you a helping hand. Your movers can handle all the heavy stuff like your dining room furniture. They have the muscle you need. In the meantime, your kids can bring in the linens and their toys. You can place those cookbooks on the kitchen shelves the moment you get inside your new home.

Saving money on moving costs is a great way to free extra funds for decorating your new space.