8 Wonderful Tips to Start a Great Balcony Garden

If you love gardening but if you live in an apartment, you don’t have to be sad because you can actually have a balcony garden and enjoy the lush greenery and colourful, fragrant flowers.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

With increasing number of Australians living in apartments, the concept of a balcony garden is getting increasingly popular.

If the area in which you live is densely populated and your home is small, growing a garden in your balcony is indeed a great idea because it can give you a peaceful escape from your urban surrounding.

Here are a few tips to start a balcony garden and make it a success.

1. Check Your Balcony’s Maximum Weight-bearing Ability

Ahead of buying too many big-sized plants and heavy containers, you will have to ensure if your balcony can bear the entire weight.

It may be able to hold the weight of a basic balcony garden; but you should make sure with your landlord or building’s management before starting the garden.


Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

2. Consider a Vertical Garden

If you have an extremely tiny balcony, you don’t need to be upset thinking that you can’t have a great garden.

There are many different garden ideas to try and a vertical garden is one of the most amazing ideas. You can take help of friendly landscape design Eastern Suburbs from Amico to grow such a wonderful garden in a small space.

You can use several items for your vertical garden like a plumbing pipe, a plank, cut bottles, wires and more. Thus even if you lack floor space, you can grow a balcony garden.

3. Decorate Your Balcony Garden with Your Gardening Equipment

If you are wondering where to store your gardening equipment due to the lack of space, use the equipment to decorate your garden.

For example, you can display your watering cans among potted plants and small spades, and mount your spray water bottles and clippers on a peg board on the wall.

Thus your bulky garden tools will be stored neatly in a small space and serve you a dual purpose.

4. Have a Balcony Lawn

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that your assumption of being unable to have a lawn in your small balcony is wrong.

Today you can get various options from someone like professional landscaping services Sydney from Amicoto enjoy a balcony lawn.

5. Add Water Features

You can enliven your balcony garden even more by adding water features. This is an easy task because as they will be in the balcony, power sources for water pumps and lighting will be nearby.

Such a water feature looks great among plants and adds a different dimension to your garden.

6. Bring a Variety in Pots and Containers

Play with your pots and containers to add an extra interest to your balcony garden.

When it comes to containers, you have a lot of scope for your creativity and you can use just anything including old jars, bottles, ceramics, buckets, tin cans and more.

Just make sure the things you will use have sufficient drainage to avoid drowning of plants.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

7. Create a Lovely Seating Area

When you create a garden, it makes sense to have a seating area there so that you can enjoy the garden ambience.

You can do that by adding a few colourful yet inexpensive plastic chairs or an outdoor sofa and even a small coffee table. You can even place one of your potted plants on the table.

8. Add Climbers

Adding climbers to your plant collection is another great idea because once they establish they will cover your balcony railing, walls and ceiling too, and provide you the desired private shady sanctuary.

Are you feeling happy now? So, when are you starting your balcony garden?