Choosing the Best Home Safe for Your Needs

Choosing a home safe may seem a simple matter, but it can all too easily become confusing and expensive if the right choices aren’t made. There are a number of things to consider when choosing and the main points are discussed below.

Fit for purpose

It’s obvious that whatever safe is chosen it should be fit for the purpose it needs to serve. Purpose can be split into two questions:

  • What contents does the safe need to hold?
  • Where is the safe to be installed?

The first question is crucial and will dictate not only the size of the safe and level of security it offers, but also whether or not it needs to be fireproof.

The second question will also affect the size and type of safe chosen. If it is to be concealed, for example in a wall or under a floor in a confined space, it will need to be of a size that will fit.

If flexibility in what the safe can hold is likely to be required, it is good to consider this when considering the questions outlined above. For example, if the safe is to hold valuables such as watches and jewellery, are there likely to be more pieces added as time goes by, thereby requiring more space?

Getting the answers to these questions right at the start can save the time, money and inconvenience needed to remove a safe and install another.

Fireproof, or not?

Deciding on what is going to be kept in the safe will largely dictate whether or not a fireproof safe is the best buy. Whilst choosing such a safe may add to the costs, the protection offered is clearly much greater than that of a safe not rated to resist fire. A fireproof safe is clearly the best option for those seeking protection for valuables such as documents, paintings or other highly combustible possessions. A fireproof safe can also offer additional protection for other valuables

Getting it right

There is a large selection of safes available for home use and a large number of companies offering supply and fitting. Prices vary as much as type but can reflect a significant investment. Being clear on what f possessions are to be kept in the safe is a start to making the right choice, but it is also worth talking to specialists such as Secure Safe to discuss the issues and ensure the best choice and purchase.