Understand the Different Categories of Workplace Hazards and Precautionary Measures to Take

Workplace hazards can be categorized under safety, biological, physical, ergonomics, chemical, and work organizational. Obviously, workplace hazards need to be avoided, so have a safety guideline manual created for employees to follow strictly from the day they get hired.

Health, tule ja keskkonnaohutus [fire and environmental safety] of employees is responsibility of respective superiors. Carrying or consuming intoxicants on company premises needs to be prohibited. Instructions need to be obeyed by the plants fire division, security department and responsible operating personnel.

Safety hazard

  • Includes things like falls, spills, electrical, machinery, and space hazards
  • Possibly easy to avoid at the workplace
  • Documented safety code ensures smooth and safe running of each business
  • Managerial staff and employees need to pay attention and ensure safety codes get followed appropriately
  • Spills need to be cleaned quickly to avoid slipping and place sign to notify passerby about the wet floor
  • Cover exposed cords from electronics or walls or secure them to avoid getting entangled
  • Ill employees can contribute to unsafe work ambiance, so make sure they get annual flu shot

Biological hazards

Certain businesses deal with hazardous biological materials including chemicals, plant matter and animals. However, biological hazards are also present in every business-like office, lab or hospital. Working with asbestos make people sick. Common chemicals found at workplace are bacteria, mold and fungi can cause very severe symptoms, if ignored. Business owners have huge responsibility of health and safety of every employee.

Physical hazards

People working outside need to take care of UV rays exposure and extreme temperatures. Doctors and nurses need to be careful regarding radiation exposure, while working with X-ray machines and other image processors. Noise is also another kind of physical hazard experienced by military officials and construction workers.

Ergonomic hazards

Employees working for long hours in an exerted position can suffer from sprained disc or carpel tunnel, syndrome. Such hazards can be avoided with comfortable chairs, which support employees back health or back braces need to be provided to workers doing frequent heavy lifting. Special headphones need to be given to employees working around heavy machinery, which vibrates constantly.

Chemical hazards

Some chemical solutions used in industries, doctors’ offices, and science labs are capable to injure people severely. Business owners need to ensure that hazardous waste disposal stations are in position to avoid injuries. Cleaning solutions and simple pesticides can contain harmful chemicals, so be cautious. Wear protective gloves, while working with harsh products. Gardeners and farmers need to protect their skin and eyes from pesticides negative effects. You can buy safety products from Becky Tööohutuskeskus [Becky Occupational Safety Center].

Work organizational hazards

Daily hazards experienced at work regarding workload, intensity, schedule, and co-workers. Workplace puts a lot of strain on mind and body, which is why employees start worrying more about work instead of personal health.

To maintain anxiety levels at workplace –

  • Take frequent mini-breaks rather than a couple of long breaks.
  • Take a day off for mental health

Employees need to be trained fully on equipment or machine they will be working with. In addition, show them emergency shutoff process and ways to report accident. Never try to hide injuries, so as to avoid taking unpaid leave. Employee who breaks the safety code needs to be reprimanded instantly as they placed their coworkers at risk.

Author’s Bio:

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