Retail Security – What Is The Importance Of Installing Surveillance Cameras

One of the main reasons for increasing attacks in retail sector is poor placement of video surveillance system. Improper placement of it would prevent a business from getting the best benefit out of your investment. Thus, it is important to learn about the right placement of camera to capture the right footage you require for your business security.

Why is it important to have a right camera placement strategy?

Every retail store has a different size and stock layout. Placement of Videovalve close to unmonitored areas and places of high-traffic within the store will greatly help in bringing down the crime rate in retail sector.

Places to install security cameras around the premise of your retail business

Entrances and Exits

It is very essential to mount retail security camera above or close to the entry and exit of the retail store. This helps them to monitor ingoing and outgoing customers and employees. Placement of cameras at this place will give you a clear vision of each person who comes in and goes out of the storefront.

Cash Register

The cash register is also a valuable thing that needs to be continuously monitored. The best placement of a video surveillance camera is on the wall behind the cashier. This camera has to be mounted high to prevent criminal reaching to it. In this way, one can monitor and look at all activities that take place at the register. These activities include transactions, money counting and refunds.

Sales Floor

Shoplifters are mostly attracted to places that are poorly lit, dark, or not easily visible. These are the places that attract shoplifters and encourage them to cause harm to the store. So, if you find any area in the store that is highly targeted than other places, you must install cameras and improve lighting in that region.

Warehouse or Loading Dock

Warehouse is also a very important place that when not attended properly can lead to a significant financial loss to the store. It can also reduce employee morale. In a warehouse, security cameras have to be placed at all entrance and exits of employees and the loading dock area.

Parking lot

With the continuous coming and leaving of vehicles, parking lot is another area which needs to be kept on a constant observation at all times. Installations of a video surveillance system at this place substantially improve safety and security and reduce theft and liability of a retail store.

How many cameras are required by a retail sector?

Depending on the objectives and size of an organization, one can determine the number of security cameras that will be needed by your store. Where a small store requires a single high range camera to keep track on all activities, a large store could require multiple security systems. Selection of the right cameras lowers the number of cameras you actually need.


Security is very essential for any business. Proper installation of retail security system makes sure that employee theft and shoplifting are recorded on camera. This helps in reducing security breach to a significant extent.

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