How to Create Different Kinds of Useful Furniture Out of Wine Barrel?

Did you ever imagine that the old wine barrels lying unutilized at your home can be easily converted into useful furniture for your household? You can talk to any carpenter or a workshop involved in wood crafting and you will get few wonderful ideas to create beautiful rustic looking furniture for your home.

Hungarian Workshop has in fact started their business of recycling old wine barrels into attractive furniture that you would love to have in your household. People have now understood that these wine barrels are really a great source of recycled wood. They are seasoned wood that can be used to create durable furniture for our daily use. So, do not throw away your old wine barrels, but recycle them by creating useful furniture.

Some of the useful furniture that you can create by transforming your unused wine barrel are as follows:

  • Wine barrel tables
  • Side tables for living room or bedroom
  • Coffee table
  • Wine barrel chairs
  • Storage cabinets
  • Trash can
  • Wine rack
  • Chandelier
  • Mini bar
  • Bar stools
  • Wine barrel cooler
  • Wine barrel sink
  • Wine barrel planter
  • Wine barrel dog bed
  • Wine barrel Hammock

The ideas can be endless and it depends upon your creativity and a good support from your carpenter or any company engaged in wood crafting business. Many people often paint the furniture created out of these wine barrels, however we feel that its original color with its rustic look can be more attractive as compared to coating them with any other color. Its original color can match with any kind of surrounding.

In case, you are planning to create any furniture that you are planning to place in your living room then following advice can be really useful to note.

  • You must choose your wine barrel very carefully so that it is presentable in appearance. Avoid selecting those barrels that are damaged or not so strong or sturdy.
  • Reject those barrels that have small holes, cracks in some areas, not clean or any other kind of deformities.
  • Before modifying them scrub it from inside properly and also make sure that its beauty and strength is properly maintained. Also, dry it completely.
  • It is necessary to varnish the barrel from both inside as well as outside so that its beauty and strength can be maintained well.
  • If you are trying to buy these wine barrels then you must buy from well-known dealer.
  • Prefer to choose oak barrels.