How Do Gold Charger Plates Enhance the Look of Your Table?

Arrival of spring season comes with several types of festive events such as baby showers, weddings, graduation dinners, engagement parties, etc. Throwing a lavish party is the best way to celebrate all these events. Table layout is one of the things that will catch the attention of people.

Though there are so many different ways to decorate the table, one of them is an eye-catching layout with gold charging plates.  A gold charger plate can effectively add a bit of sparkle to your party tables!

What is a Charger Plate?

A charger plate serves as a large sized decorative base setting on which dinnerware is placed. This looks best when you are conducting formal occasions such as weddings, catered events, banquets, upscale parties, or fine dining restaurants. These charger plates are also known by other names such as under plates, service plates, or chop plates. You can find exemplary designs of charger plate rental to give an exciting and unique touch to your function.

One thing that a person should remember before using it is that charger plate is only meant for decoration.  These plates are not intended to place food inside it. Charger plates are an elegant way to cater to multiple course meals to people where each meal is presented in a separate bowl and kept over the charger.

Features of Charger plates

Charger plates come in a wide range of colors, designs, lengths, diameters, materials, and shapes to choose from. When choosing a plate, you need to consider one that matches effectively to the decor, style and mood of a particular event. These plates are the best ways to serve multiple course meals elegantly.

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How to make your table look impressionable with charger plates?

If your party menu comprises of finger foods and appetizers then creating a centerpiece at all tables would be the best way to incorporate gold accent. Use the gold plate charger as the base. Keep it under a lovely bouquet of daffodils or tulips. Adorn the plate with decorative candles and rocks and then keep a glass bowl on top of the charger plate.

The gold color of the plates looks mesmerizing when used with ivory, white, or even black colored dishware. This will make the plate look a lot catchy and stunning piece to grab the attention of all guests.


By setting your tables with detailed attention makes it a fabulous way to take your table presentation to the next level. Gold charging plates are one of the surest ways to impress your guests. Finding companies that help you with the accessories to accomplish the table decoration task, makes your event all the more wonderful.

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