Month: December 2017

What to Look at When the Hot Water System Stops Working

Home Improvement
There are a number of things that may have worn out which has put a stop to your water heater working, all of which can result in what seems as if there’s simply no working hot water. Check below on what you should look for: For People with Electric Water Heaters Electric hot water systems will usually not work for a limited amount of reasons. You can begin to find out what the problem is by examining these fields: Reset Button has Tripped – If this happens often, it could be the sign of a defective reset button. Get it replaced. Grounded Element – A damaged heating element may ground out. A replacement is required. Undersized Fuse or Breaker – Easily replace with one that is rated for a higher amperage. Grounded Thermostat – An ineffective thermostat shorting to ground.