Best Possible Way to Wash Dirty Throw Rugs

Small area rugs not just add colour and elegance to your homes while also provide comfort during summer especially when heavy carpets are removed. These rugs are placed mostly near the entrance doors so it gets soiled easily. Unless mentioned in the tag, most rugs can be washed at home and requires very less maintenance.

Step One: Check the Label

If the fabric content tag is not mentioned then you are actually not aware of what material it is. So, it is better to get it washed separately from other laundries especially when you are washing it for the first time. The colour used in the rug may be an inexpensive one. So, it is better to wash it separately.

Step Two: Treat the Stains

Check the throw rugs very carefully for stains. You can treat those strains before washing. If you know how to get those stain removed, follow the right technique to remove them or else a strain remover along with strong detergent followed by gentle rubbing with brush. Keep the rug like this for at least fifteen minutes before you start washing.

Step Three: Instruction for Wash

Make sure that you do not use the harsh detergent to wash the rug, especially the chlorine based bleach, as it can damage the rubber backing. So, for cleaning rubber-backed rug, go for oxygen-based bleach. Read the instructions manual given in oxygen bleach very carefully and learn how to wash this rubber based rugs. For best results, soak the rug in bleach solution overnight.

Step Four: Ways to Dry the Rug

Always air dry your wet rug. High heat can harm the rug material. Also, never place the rug in direct sunlight as it may lead to colour fading.

If the rug is wrinkled, you can iron it. However, if it is rubber-backed rugs, never use iron or else it will shrink.

However, If the tag mentions “dry clean only”, then get your rug to any dry cleaner for cleaning. Most rugs come with backings that fall apart if it is exposed to moisture. Therefore, using a carpet stain remover is a much better option.