What to Look for in a Trader

Whether you are doing a full renovation of your home, or just need to replace the kitchen cabinets, you can find the right trader with the help of TrustATrader. While this online recommendation platform can provide a list of qualified traders, it is still up to you to decide on who is fit for the job. Below are some of the things that you need to consider when hiring a trader.

Make Sure You Are Dealing with Legit Traders

It is important that you avoid shady operators. Look for firms that went through extensive accreditation processes to be part of the peak organisation of their trade. If someone goes through the effort of getting accredited, then it is unlikely that the person will do anything stupid on the job. And it is recommended you hire someone with the right accreditation.

Most legit traders are required to have a license that verifies their qualifications. Trades such as building, plumbing, and electrical do require formal qualifications. It is important that you verify the licence of the trader instead of one’s qualifications. Because the licence can be revoked by the trade’s governing body in case of a breach.

Most traders are proud of their licence details, and they place the details on their business card or website. Make sure that the licence is current, and not expired or revoked.

Check for Insurance

Aside from the licence, it is also important to check whether the trader has liability insurance. Without one, you will be depending on the goodwill of the trader to remedy any mistakes. You should also check their feedbacks to determine whether previous customers had troubles the trader with regards to insurance.

If the trader is injured on the job, then income protection will cover one’s losses. On the other hand, liability insurance will provide coverage for any damage to the property that occurs during the duration of the project. Before signing the contract, make sure that the insurance certificates are valid through the timeframe of the project. Keep in mind that liability insurance is required, and should provide coverage against property damage and third-party injuries caused by the trader.

Look at the Signs

A trader who arrives in a van to quote for the job is a good sign, especially if the van is properly labelled. It is a good indicator the trader has been in the business for some time, and proud to display one’s business name and contact information.

Ask for References

When you find a trader, you should consider asking for references. Ask the trader if one has regular customers who can give references. The bigger the project, the more research you need to do. It is important to find out whether the trader is as good as what was indicated on their website of social media accounts.

These are the things that you need to consider when looking for a trader. The best way to find an electrician, builder, plumber or any other trader is through TrustATrader. This online recommendation platform allows you to find the right individual for the any job.