Choose the Right Lawn Tractor to Beautify your Lawn Safely

People, who love gardening, want best equipment and tools to work with. Lawn mowers have saved lot of time for people, who spend hours in yard. You just do not need to worry as it works on its own. It is robotic and does not need manual functioning.

However, it is difficult to cut grass when the ground is steep or has slopes. Too many hindrances create trouble for mowers to move smoothly. For huge lawns you need murutraktor (lawn tractor). These machines are oversize lawn mowers.

A steep slope is more dangerous than a plain land. Large riding mowers are named as lawn tractors. They are smaller than actual tractors that are used for agriculture. In 1830, Edwin Budding invented the first lawn mower. It was made to cut grass on sport’s ground. With time people understood all that was required in a mower. Further improvements were done by Thomas Green & Sons in 1850. Gradually with time more innovations were done and the best was made out of lawn mowers.

Lawn tractors have blades either in front or at the back. There are tractors that throw grass sideways as well. These are also used for removing snow from ground. It is difficult to identify among garden tractor and lawn tractor. Lawn tractors have front engine only designed to cut grass whereas garden tractors are heavily built, powerful with large wheels and high horsepower.

Many companies have worked hard to produce lawn tractors at an affordable price.

  • John Deere

They created a tractor that had forward and reverse pedals. Pedals are on the right portion of the seat. They have fat tires that nicely balance the vehicle and is electrically operated.

  • Husqvarna

It gives value for your money. They have added some nice stuff to the machine, a wide deck, and huge gas tank and a third blade. This tractor can also go reverse to cut down grass.

  • Viking

Their lawn tractors are high in technology. It has easy operation and comfortable drive. Every year they come out with innovative ideas to make it more comfortable.

  • McCulloch

They invented the first chainsaw in 1949 in America. They are branch of Husqvarna Group. They have powerful engines in their tractors and have wide range available in major parts of the country.

  • Stiga

It has levers that can be easily used. The seat absorbs all vibrations giving complete comfort. They also provide side blades with the provision for collecting grass for mulching.

When you use a lawn tractor it is essential to keep certain things in mind.

  • You always need to review the slope of your garden.
  • Remove all stones, sticks to avoid any interruption.
  • It is unsafe to drive a tractor if the ground has holes or is uneven.
  • Lawn tractor wheels can slip on wet grass.
  • More attachments can make the tractor more unstable.
  • Do not put lot of weight on your tractor if it is not meant for. It increases the probability of falling from slope.
  • Never try to mow horizontally with your tractor.
  • It is always recommended up and down ways.
  • Lastly, moving slowly on steep hills is the only solution for safe mowing.

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