Contemporary kitchen with the central island

The new way of designing and using the rooms of the house leads to the creation of highly customized and unique solutions that also contain in a few square meters, design, functionality and practicality. It is becoming increasingly current the choice of an American-inspired kitchen which is built around a central island regardless of the size of the room.

Having a ‘”central island” allows a greater conviviality with guests and sharing family moments even in normal days, especially in contexts where there is not a boundary line with the living room. it is precisely for these reasons that the solutions which provide a central island are at high aesthetic impact and every detail is studied in detail.

The central islands are designed as a work surface with sink and stove, but can be highly personalized according to the space, the personal preferences or individual needs. For example, if the square footage of the room allows it, you can choose a T-shape or an L-shape in order to integrate the island with a counter with stools designed for breakfast, a quick coffee or as a base for cocktails. The shelf can also be offset from the top of the kitchen and can be completed with modern wooden chairs. The open kitchen does not preclude the presence of the table, extendable, which can often be the same one that serves the living area.

The secret of a perfect kitchen with centre island is the choice of the details. The wall that completes the project must be particularly spacious and practical and should be confused with the wall, as if it were not there. The lighting design must allow the environment to enjoy a bright light, but above all should enhance the work surface. Also the choice of the suction hood is fundamental. An alternative to the usual suspension hoods are those that disappear due to its ability to get up and disappear, ensuring the same functionality and power of standard hoods.

The contemporary cooking space are very practical and comfortable, their strong point is the linearity and its unique ability to give the idea of order and cleanliness.

At last, the colours that are best suited to the contemporary style are the cool shades, such as white or grey: black is back again this year to be the protagonist in the kitchen, creating contrasts with electrical appliances that are ever more polished metal.