A modern touch to renovate your home

When it comes to furnishing your home in modern and contemporary style, elegance is paramount. From shapes to colours, everything seems in line with Nordic style: clean lines, cool tones, minimalist approach.

In a house furnished in modern style, there are many opportunities to have fun and create a relaxed and comfortable environment. The kitchen, for example, may include the latest electrical appliances, preferably in polished steel, as well as the handles and knobs, that with the lighting and contrasts with the mirrors, they can create beautiful play of light.

The porcelain tile floors are top notch, but if you prefer a warmer environment, even the parquet goes well with design elements that, in a modern style kitchen, cannot miss.

The living room, must be in line with our tastes and our temperament: if we opted for a modern style kitchen, why not do the same stylistic choice for the living room? This room is the heart of the home, it is where we welcome guests and where we are in company with our family, so, it must first be comfortable: in our imagination, usually, comfortable and beautiful are not compatible, but this conviction does not apply to the modern style: the most important thing is to avoid the unnecessary, that is, too much furniture or ornaments. The modern style, as already mentioned, has clean lines and it is necessary that the environment is not messy and chaotic.

In a living room, cannot miss a sofa (or armchairs) strictly of design, a flat-screen television, a table and chairs (in the modern style of course) and a bookshelf. A living room should generally have these pieces of furniture, but it’s all subjective and depends on individual preferences. There are hundreds of kinds of modern bookshelves, which vary in the shape, the size, for the materials of which they are made and for the many colours.

In a room furnished in a minimalist style, a touch of colour, maybe a red or orange bookshelf, in a basically monochromatic context, can give vivacity to the environment. Another element that may customize a room in a modern style is a carpet: I don’t speak of the old Persian carpets so popular until the 80s, but new and beautiful modern carpets, which indeed, will give more light to the room, if carefully chosen.

In conclusion, we give rein to the imagination and furnish our new home, to make it an enjoyable and relaxing place.