What Is Balcony Glazing And How Can It Benefits Your House

Balcony glazing is one of the popular ways to make balconies more functional. It is the method by which balconies become closed spaces and saves people from adverse environmental conditions such as rain, snow, wind, dust, noise, insects and also birds nesting. Balcony glazing is done using several means.

How balcony glazing does prove to be useful?

More space and convenience

Balcony Klaasimine (glazing) is the easiest and the most effective way to provide more space and comfort to the people. It protects family members from outside undesirable elements such rain, dust, impurities, and flying trash.

By closing the balcony space, one can get relief from outside noise and disturbance. All these features increase the ornamental and property value of an apartment. This can be more advantageous when you plan to sell the apartment.

Saves from environmental changes

Balcony glazing protects the building structure and facade. Due to glazing, painted surfaces remains clean and weather changes do not impact it. One does not have to invest their time and energy to renovate it again and again. This makes balcony glazing as the best investment.

Exclusive feel to the residents

Use of balcony glazing in the development of buildings increases the look and standard of newly furnished apartments. It also provides an exclusive feel to the residents. The glossy touch of the façade makes them appealing to the prospective buyers. It has been observed that buildings that have balcony glazing are the first ones to get sold.


This is an interesting observation as how balcony glazing results in energy savings. Glazing of balconies leads to energy savings of approx. 5.9%.  This leads to saving in electricity consumption and bills.

How is the glazing done?

The fundamental element used in performing balcony glazing is glass. Its transparent nature offers an aesthetic look to a building without changing its appearance. For corporate buildings, official space, hotels, hospitals, etc., where a high level of security and durability is required, laminate and tempered glasses are used.

These elegant products have an exceptionally fine design in constructing balcony glazing system. Balcony glazing products come in sun protective shades. They are designed and made in highly-automated factories with advanced tools and machinery. Based on the requirement, glasses of 8mm or 10mm thickness is used.

In some buildings, the double glazed feature is also performed to ensure more security and protection. Besides folding systems, balcony glazing is also done with sliding systems. The use of these timeless systems is also easy but can’t be used in balconies which have the shape of an arc.

Thus, balcony glazing is one of the best investments one can make in their balconies. The impressive look, exclusive feel, comfort, ample space, energy savings, etc. makes it an inevitable addition to your building.

To make the best utilization of this feature, it is important to carry out extensive research to find the best glazing service provider for your job.

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